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A Digital Marketing Strategy is the Key to your Online Business Success

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When it comes online businesses, a lot of entrepreneurs fall under the misconception that all you need is a website. They may picture establishing an online store similarly to opening up a physical store in real world location. And that all you need is to have an online presence and people will automatically find their online store. Many fall into the trap of finding the cheapest web designer to build them an attractive website (on the cheapest GoDaddy hosting plan), and relying solely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract business. And while this a strategy may have worked in the past for some businesses, with more and more businesses investing in a larger online presence, this is no longer as effective a strategy as it once was. So what do you need for an effective digital marketing strategy?

Like I said earlier, I think people imagine creating a website for a business in the same way as putting up a shop or office in the real world. While this isn’t a bad analogy, it does have it’s pitfalls when it comes to expectations of who will notice the website and who will visit it.

But that being said, I’m going to build upon that analogy, in order to better understand digital marketing and its important to your website.

Who is this article for?  Whether you’re a restaurant owner that wants to know how a website will get you more customers, an online store/service that’s struggling for visitors, or a web designer having trouble explaining to potential clients the importance of digital marketing; this article is for you.

Picturing the internet

In the physical world, if you have a product or service to sell, the first rule of real estate is key; Location, Location, Location! You’ll want to set up shop in a part of town your customers will see you. The main idea here is, to be noticed by people driving and walking by and get them to enter your establishment.

But the internet doesn’t really work that way. Your website isn’t off of some virtual street; it’s stored away on servers somewhere with millions of other websites. Those servers have no idea how awesome your products or services are.

In my next post, 3 Digital Marketing Tactics for Online Business Success, I will be covering the 3 principle digital marketing tactics that will make up your strategy for boosting visitors to your website. So that you sell more and have more success with your online business.

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