jobverse home page

This is the front end mock-up of a jobs board website. It is inspired by a design done by Mackenzie Child on his YouTube channel. Mackenzie’s design was a part of a Rails tutorial. Although I’ve chosen instead to expand upon the front end portion of the exercise.

My version of the project comes with two layouts; one for the main page and another for the results section. I also expanded on what the user could search for, by having an Advanced Search button to display more search options. Below the search fields are sections with jobs related news articles, and featured jobs to help showcase the jobs a visitor to the site can hope to find.

The results page widens to allow two sidebars, for filtering job results and having an ad banner. The job results, in the middle, have box shadow and text darkening effects when the mouse cursor hovers over them. In fact I used box shadows in other elements (like form fields) to give the site a slight material design inspired feel.