It was about time I updated my resume to better emphasize my web design qualifications. While my previous resumes have been written in Word, and showed the breadth of experience I have in various fields, they didn’t help to show off my accomplishments in web design. They also didn’t do much to show my interest in shifting my career choices away from the stuff I’ve done in the past (customer service/tech support roles) to more creative fields.

To create my new resume, I got inspiration from several resume designs I found on Behance and added my own style and needs to it. One of the problems I had with most of the resume designs is that they tended to be too minimalist. They often didn’t have descriptions in the work experience sections. I wanted to show the various soft skills I’ve development, and roles that have helped me become a more user-centric and technically-minded designer. I consider my general design style to be functionally-minimalistic, with this resume design showing off that aesthetic.  All the sections (like experience and skills) are easy to find and read, while still being descriptive and providing enough substance where the reader can judge my qualifications.

This new resume is in a pdf format, and was designed using Adobe Indesign.