A well designed website is about more than just flashy graphics. It is about engaging with a visitor and increasing their interest in what you’re trying to sell them. Visitors need to know what your website is about within the first few seconds from them arriving. They need to be drawn in and feel that what you’re providing is what they are looking for. A well designed website helps inform the visitor, without overwhelming them with text and images.

At Julian Web Design we specialize in simple yet engaging websites. We use User Experience best practices to craft a site that is both attractive and functional. We use pre-made WordPress themes like the Salient theme from ThemeNectar to craft most of our sites. But if you already have another theme in mind, or you’re looking for a redesign using your WordPress site’s existing theme, we can certainly work with that.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the idea of creating web pages so they’ll adjust to the screen size of the device where they’re being viewed.

Smartphones and Tablets pose a unique challenge to web designers. Whereas on a computer you have a large screen and fairly good processing power, to show off beautiful web layouts and multimedia; you don’t have the same luxury on mobile devices. Because of Smartphone limited screen sizes and slower network speeds the User Experience on a mobile device can be very different from what it is on a laptop. With more and more people using mobile devices to browse the internet, it is important to have a responsive website that meets the requirements of mobile internet browsing.